Who is behind dr.agon kites

janez vizjak

Dog lover, graphic designer, master in prepress, 20+ years working in advertising. 

Everyting i do, i do it with passion, and i care about every detail, what can be also seen on my kites.

Living in Slovenia, beautiful country in Europe.

I am cofounder and was first president of KAP JASA – kite team Slovenia.

How it all started

In July 2017, some months after the first try of taking pictures with a mobile phone taped to a stunt kite went rather awry. 

My first true KAP kite was a 200 cm blue Rokkaku Dako, so delicately made it can lift a compact camera in a 5 km/h breeze. A 160 cm Royal 69 Sled followed, suitable for stronger winds, and a 333 cm Great White Delta. All kites were made on my mothers venerable Ruža sewing machine.

... 50+ kites later

Now, 5 sewing machines later, I still love making and flying kites. Went to some world famous kite festivals, met wonderfull people from all around the world and made lots of new friends.

Still dedicated to KAP.